Работа с индексами: лучшие практики для MySQL. Зайцев Петр

  1. About Percona
  2. You’ve Made a Great Choice
  3. MySQL Indexing: Agenda Understanding Indexing Setting up best indexes for your applications
  4. Indexing in the Nutshell
  5. Majority of indexes you deal in MySQL is this type BTREE Indexes www.percona.com RTREE Indexes
  6. Family of BTREE like Indexes
  7. B+Tree Example Branch/Root Node Less than 3 Data Pointers Leaf Node
  8. Indexes in MyISAM vs Innodb In MyISAM data pointers point to physical offset in the data file
  9. What Operations can BTREE Index do
  10. String Indexes
  11. Multiple Column Indexes
  12. Overhead of The Indexing Indexes are costly
  13. Indexing Innodb Tables
  14. How MySQL Uses Indexes Data Lookups Sorting Avoiding reading “data” Special Optimizations
  15. Using Indexes for Data Lookups
  16. It Gets Tricky
  17. The First Rule of MySQL
  18. Using Index for Sorting
  19. It becomes even more restricted!
  20. MySQL Using Index for Sorting Rules
  21. Avoiding Reading
  22. Min/Max Optimizations
  23. Indexes and Joins
  24. Using Multiple Indexes for the table
  25. Prefix Indexes
  26. Choosing Prefix Length
  27. What is new with MySQL 5.6
  28. Understanding ICP
  29. ICP Examples
  30. More on Picking the Index
  31. Use EXPLAIN
  32. Indexing Strategy
  33. Indexing Strategy Example
  34. Percona Toolkit – Pt-query-digest