Yac 2014: Лекция 4. Crash Test Your Application … And Your Team. Conde Carlos

  1. Play in a simulated environment
  2. Simulation environment
  3. Simulation environment for crisis situations
  4. Good weather doesn’t make good sailors
  5. Prepare for extreme situations
  6. Things are unreliable until they are tested
  7. How to play? game preparation
  8. Supervisors & players
  9. Make a plan role play & scope definition
  10. Set a date (deadline) make it fun
  11. Create the simulation environment
  12. Gameday environment aws account a production environment aws account b
  13. Cloudformation template
  14. Use aws iam control who can do what during the game
  15. Activate aws cloudtrail gameplay recording & auditing
  16. Simulate activity
  17. Pre-recorded network activity
  18. (throttled) load test use spot instances + tools
  19. Using amazon ec2 to simulate 2.4 million players
  20. Communication channels irc, shared docs, viber, …
  21. Play! the fun part
  22. Simulate failures
  23. Terminate resources change security groups change iam roles disable iam user change /etc/hosts file amazon rds fail-over test
  24. Record & annotate players actions
  25. If you don’t measure it, it didn’t happen
  26. After party closing the game
  27. Debrief where the magic happens
  28. How long does it take to detect an event?
  29. New hire? go to the simulator
  30. Key team players? simulate “failure” situation
  31. Validate assumptions prove your architecture knowledge of procedures
  32. Communication chanel & chain of command